Tank Madness VIEW RANGE: View range parameter (field-glass button on the top of in game interface). Having pressed this button the player can see farther. Upgrading this

There are two control modes in Tank Madness: AUTO & MANUAL. Both of them is power full tool, better to combine them in battle.

Tank Madness is an unique game where you can drive your own tank and rule the whole army of tanks, cannons, planes, artillery e.t.c.

Tank Madness Blitz is an unique game combining the action and tactics genres. Full of enthralling missions and quests with different ways to get victory. Use tanks, aircrafts, cannons, artillery etc to defeat your enemies. Start your journey and Good luck!

DOWNLOAD https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tank-... "Create your own army and head it personally on the tank. You should fight for resources, territory & technologies. Fight against the virtual

Tank Madness Recruit - prequel, here your tank journey starts You must find lost airplane and destroy all enemy artillery.